We help startups maximise their revenue by using a data-driven approach to marketing and product development.

We primarily work with technology startups and product development teams that struggle with growing and monetising their user base.

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A well developed
product is a:

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Product that
retains it’s users
for more than a

User retention is always cheaper than new user acquisition, with a highly scalable ROI. A mere 5% of increased retention can mean anywhere from 25% to 95% of an increase in revenue by the product.

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Product that’s not merely usable
but used

Before designing a product, as a solution to your potential client's problems and frustrations, you need to understand the underlying issues they're facing and validate the need for that product to be designed. What good is a product rated with high usability when there is no one to use it?

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Product that made its profit by the end of its second year of launch

Most digital start-ups fail to scale up when they reach their second-year milestone due to a series of factors mostly revolving around poor budget alignment, missed cost estimates, and guiding decisions based on wrong or no data.

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Most digital products fail to meet their market goals because companies behind them make strategic decisions based on non-validated assumptions.

Here are a few we heard,
just to make a point

Scenario #1

I have a fresh idea for a product. It’s going to help divorced parents simplify their part of bills and expenses around their child. It’s a spin-off product, like PayPal, for divorced parents.

Issue here

Lack of a good message/customer fit

Scenario #2

Guys, I’ve just come back from the meeting with the [insurance company]. We’ve discussed the app, and they’re interested in investing, but we need to add a feature that allows users to buy a house insurance policy, so we need to make that happen. What? I know this is a road-assistance app, but if we can sell car insurance over it, why not upsell?

Issue here

Rushing of features without previous concept/idea validation

Scenario #3

So, I attended a webinar by [competitor company], and they’ve discussed their marketing. Their CMO told the audience that they’ve mainly acquired new clients via Google Ads, so I want to do that. I want you to push XX% of our marketing budget to Google Ads. I know we never did those, but [competitor company] is, and they are killing it with those!

Issue here

Waste of resources on non-validated acquisition channels

Scenario #4

Guys, we have just about the same percentage of new users each month, but our user base is running low. We need to acquire new users, fast or else we are going to miss our milestone. And the investors won’t be happy about it. We need to move our budget from the development to the marketing and sales department. No, we’ll focus on those usability issues later. Right now, we need more users.

Issue here

Poorly assessed product/market fit

Traditional growth methods don’t work like they used to unless you have insane amounts of funding to go around covering gaps made by poor assumptions.

By employing agile methodologies and lean principles that allow for short iteration cycles, we guide products toward successful growth. We test and optimise each part of the user journey from their discovery, over to learn and use phase.


Product Development

Building digital products, end-to-end, and delivering them to market. We bring our passion for helping clients dream big. And back it with our experience in lean thinking and digital innovation. Our goal is to transform your business and improve customer value across all devices and channels.

  • Design Sprints
  • UX Research and Analysis
  • UX Development

Creative & Design

Design that interacts with your audience, shapes, and builds your brand. Design that defines your brand identity and forms inspiring narratives that trigger the right emotion shapes the message you need to deliver. At Sasvim, we deliver visual experiences that guide user actions to achieve desired results.

  • Digital Product & Service Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Branding
  • Web Design

Marketing & Consultancy

Our pragmatic, creative approach to marketing helps us design solutions outside general marketing trends. Our goal is to help you implement data-driven marketing objectives and guide your campaigns through with them. You can trust us to get your marketing messaging, branding strategy, and acquisition goals aligned.

  • Growth Strategy
  • Brand Positioning & Messaging
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • SEM/SMM Marketing
  • Technical and Onsite SEO
  • Analytics and Reporting

Web & Mobile

Building semantically correct, page load, and search engine optimized websites that comply with code and responsive standards. At Sasvim, we have unmatched experience in creating and supporting professional, well designed, and highly customizable CMS based websites. We build websites that reflect your users' journey and business processes, ones that drive action. /p>

  • Webflow Websites
  • Wordpress Websites
  • Drupal Websites

Our method is
what defines us

how do we analyze  how do we brainstorm how do we prototypehow do we testhow do we build

Analyze the existing situation

  • Taking a 360 view of your business, product or idea
  • Collecting data from various analytics
  • Engaging in interviews and surveys

Define the idea

  • Brainstorm the idea
  • Make testable assumption
  • Align it with client goals and user objectives

Prototype the concept

  • Make a testable prototype
  • Define test metrics around it

Test the concept

  • Define test scenarios
  • Form a test group
  • Gather insights for validation

Build the idea

  • Complete concept to product
  • Reiterate to complete the design
  • Prepare for implementation, integration and launch


Milan Stojanovic

Milan Stojanovic


Nenad is an extremely motivated, highly opinionated, data-driven marketing generalist. He's comfortable working on all levels - from devising high-level strategies, to executing the daily grind. I personally witnessed him work on everything from brand management, analytics, social media strategies, content marketing, SEO/SEM, to UX design. His team and their "relentless learner" mentality also came with an obsession for automation and measuring results - putting even many of us engineers to shame!

Ivan Karaman

Ivan Karaman


Stefan is an insanely skilled and efficient designer – total check there – but that's just the start of the value bomb. He came up with a fun, recognizable branding and helped me strategize short & long term (including Producthunt!), and flooded my inbox with *months* of tips and learning resources. And he's got a huge network and always knows skilled people who can get other things done for you. He just... gets startups, so you waste zero time on backs n forths. Literally the best partner I could have hoped for.

Milos Markovic

Milos Markovic


"Nenad was hired to work as a Technical SEO advisor on our SaaS product website. Aside from advising on the implementation of Structured data and Semantic HTML, he went beyond the scope. He wanted us to rethink our strategy and re-evaluate the need for SEO as a primary acquisition channel by insisting on setting up benchmark tests by setting up event and goal tracking as the means of channel validatio. He created custom views with filters and custom dashboards that were easy to understand and showed our KPIs. "

Gianluca Piovani

Gianluca Piovani


Not only Stefan is a great designer, he is an awesome brand strategist. He really helped me clarify my message and articulate it into a beautiful, easy to navigate website. I highly recommend working with him if you're looking to have a website designed to attract your ideal client. Plus, he is very generous with his time and will go the extra mile to give a personal touch.

Gustavo Guida

Gustavo Guida

Alloy Card

Stefan is a very capable designer!  He helped us nail the concept and was able to deliver a great site, despite all the restrictions we had. We look forward to work with him on future projects!

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Stefan Popadic

Stefan Popadic

CEO and Design Strategist
Nenad Stamenkovic

Nenad Stamenkovic

CEO and Growth Hacker


Miroslav Mitic

Miroslav Mitic

CEO Codexsto & Developer
Stevan Antanaskovic

Stevan Antanaskovic

Aleksandar Nedeljkovic

Aleksandar Nedeljkovic

Graphic Designer
Nevena Stajic

Nevena Stajic


People usually
ask us

We are a startup; can we afford you?

Yes, you can. We understand the constraints and budget limits of being a startup. We’ve been there as well. Our pricing is directly related to the project scope, timeline, and deliverables.

What do you mean by “product development”?

We are referring to an entire cycle of forming an idea, developing it and taking it to the market. This may include a broad set of skills ranging from simple research over design and development to marketing and sales.

Each member of our team takes on a multidisciplinary approach to product development. You can expect us to support you in each step of the process from UX/UI design, business strategy consulting, software engineering, QA, and go to market strategies.

We need a [insert deliverable here], can you help?

Sure. Our team is full-stack, but we take on one-off projects as well. Let us know what you need help with, and we'll send you a one-time, fixed price offer.

What can you help me with?

The scope is broad, but hey, let’s list.

  • Cost analysis, team roles, roadmaps
  • Business goals, user segmentation, feature validation and prioritising
  • User personas, user stories, mockups, visual design
  • Software requirements, API documentation, external service integration recommendation
  • Marketing distribution channel setup and automation, acquisition process and conversion rate optimization

Enough listed? It might work better if you send us a brief of what troubles you and what do you wish to achieve. We believe we can find or develop a solution for it.

How do you charge for client work?

Depending on the scope of project and deliverables, we operate in three pricing models:

  1. Time and Materials - We estimate the project based on your brief and request a 30% of the cost upfront to kick-off. The spending will be based on our fixed hourly rate. Once the initial 30% has been depleted, we will continue billing you based on hours invested in the work.
  2. Monthly as a service - this is a startup-friendly model, where you can request a role from our team to be added to your in-house team. You will be charged a fixed price, monthly, for a dedicated role, based on its skillset and engagement.
  3. Fixed-rate - we take on one-off services for our clients, so you can expect some projects to be billed likewise. We require a 30% upfront to kick-off, and the rest of the budget will be split into milestones.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to collaborate with you?

Nah. Our work and process are oriented to validation and understanding of the ideas, the product, and its users and usage. We focus on individuals and interactions over processes and tools. And value customer collaboration over contract negotiation. These are the basic principles of agility, necessary to move any project forward, no matter the skillset or expertise. After all, we are here to help you, not scare you off. Just focus on your needs and we'll provide guidance and deliverables.

How do you guarantee quality?

We don't, our process does. We evaluate our work based on the results made, goals set, and defined KPIs. This happens every two weeks, whether it be development, design, or marketing. You will be presented with the results and demoed the deliverables to object or approve further work. /p>

How will this work? Where do we start?

We need a meeting to kick-off, so go ahead and schedule via this form.